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Comicro AG
Pünten 4
8602 Wangen
Tel. +41 44 835 75 00

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  • Mit der Einführung einer umfassenden System- und Servicemanagement Lösung durch Comicro verfügt die Hotelplan Gruppe über eine professionelle Management Plattform für den proaktiven Betrieb der gesamten IT.
    Heini Kalt | Director Technology & Operations, Hotelplan Group

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Course location / course times / travel instructions

How to find us:


Coming from the Zürich and Winterthur directions
At the Brüttiseller Kreuz, take the motorway towards Uster/Rapperswil, take the exit for Wangen, follow the road to the right, keep straight on until the "no preference" sign and then turn right. After that keep straight on until the second crossroads and there turn right again, continue on for approx. 300m (about 30m before leaving Wangen) then turn right again. Comicro is in the building straight ahead of you.

Coming from the Rapperswil / Uster direction
Take the Hegnau exit, follow the road to the left, keep straight on to Wangen, turn left about 30 m after passing the "Wangen" town sign. Comicro is in the building straight ahead of you.

Marked Comicro parking places can be found behind the building.


Public transport

Bahn from Zürich to Dübendorf (S9 or S14)

Bus 759 to Wangen-Oberdorf

Dübendorf - Wangen 759

Dübendorf Bahnhof Nord depart: xx:01 / xx:16 / xx:31 and xx:46
Oberdorf Wangen arrive: xx:10 / xx:25 / xx:40 and xx:55

Wangen - Dübendorf 759

Oberdorf Wangen depart: xx:09 / xx:24 / xx:39 and xx:54
Dübendorf Bahnhof Nord arrive: xx:15 / xx:30 / xx:45 and xx:00


Flughafen Zürich - Dübendorf 759

Flughafen Zürich depart: xx:13 / xx:28 / xx:43 and xx:58
Oberdorf Wangen arrive: xx:54 / xx:09 / xx:28 and xx:39

xx = every quarter hour from 06 - 19 o'clock.

Course location
Training Centre
Pünten 4, CH-8602 Wangen, Tel. 044 835 75 00, Fax 044 835 75 90
or at a partner's training centre

Course times
Always 09:00 - 17:00

Hotel reservation

If you would like us to book you a hotel room please order this together with your written course booking, stating your exact arrival and departure dates.